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Roof Repairs

Do you have a damaged roof? Contact Jack the Roofer, the Parker roofing experts

Jack the Roofer is a local roof repair contractor for Parker, Colorado and surrounding areas in Northern Colorado. We specialize in repairs of all kinds of roofs, including concrete tile roofs. We know a damaged roof is an emergency, so we promise a two-day turnaround from our inspection date, and a two-hour response time to your initial inquiry by email or phone.

Thorough inspection with pictures and quick estimate

Our professional inspection includes checking for flashing issues that account for 90% of leaks, cracks and debris buildup on a roof. If hail damage is present, we will also conduct a water test, which your insurance company may require before paying out on a claim. We’ll show you pictures of any problem areas such as flashing or shingles that need to be fixed and quote you on the appropriate measures on the spot. About half of the jobs we see can be done same day by Jack himself – if a crew is needed, turnaround time is within a week.

Are there any types of roofs you won’t do repairs on?

We will not perform repairs on flat roofs and roofs made from thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) or EPDM membrane roofs. We can, however, repair and replace flat roofing above porches and in “dead valleys” on most residential properties with a product called modified bitumen which is a durable, self-adhered roofing material for use on flat to slightly pitched roofs.

Why Jack the Roofer for your Colorado roof repair?

With over thirty years in the roofing industry, we know how to get jobs done professionally and quickly. We will not cut corners that can lead to further damage for your roof, and pride ourselves on our high-end work. Plus, all Jack the Roofer staff and crews are licensed and fully insured, and legal to work in the United States, so you can trust the people working on your home.

Download our roof repair insurance cheat sheet

Do you need a roof repair because of hail? Download our cheat sheet today to find out how you can have it fixed for free through your home insurance. We’re not just your local roof repair contractors, we’re experts in what insurance companies look for when paying out claims. Just enter your email below and download it now.