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Roof Insurance Claims

The time to call a roofing service professional about wind or hail damage to your roof is before you file your insurance claim, not after. Jack the Roofer can help you with filing a homeowners insurance claim for roof damage caused by wind, hail, and other factors.

Hail damage roof insurance claims

Hail damage to an asphalt roof is the most common roof insurance claim job we see in Parker and surrounding areas along the Front Range in Colorado. Jack Cottrell, the owner of Jack the Roofer and the guy that will be working with you on your estimate and claim, has lots of experience not just repairing hail damage, but working with insurance adjusters to determine if roofs qualify for a hail damage claim. He will perform the tests and inspection methods used in the industry to determine if a hail damage claim is viable, and let you know if he thinks the damage will be covered by your insurer prior to filing your claim. You do not want to file an insurance claim unnecessarily and Jack will let you know the best course of action.

Jack’s opinion is trusted by insurers, and Jack the Roofer is on the “approved” list of contractors for insurance companies in the Parker area. It’s important to hire a roofing professional that both you and the insurer trust, as an out-of-state or fly-by-night roofer will not be on the approved list.

What hail damage to a roof looks like

Roof hail damage pictures just tell part of the story. Apparent damage to shingles may be enough for the untrained homeowner, but the ridge cap of the roof should also be checked as it will have bruises, being the flattest part of the roof. Gutters should also be checked, and this is an area that homeowners or some roofers may pass over because they are difficult to access. If damage to gutters isn’t included on your claim, it could mean an extra $1500 or so worth of damage that isn’t going to be reported or fixed, and which could lead to long-term problems with your roof. Jack the Roofer will check all of these things and more, and take detailed photographs that you will be able to submit with your claim.

Your advocate with the insurance company

Jack the Roofer works on your behalf to ensure that you get the best deal out of your claim. In nearly half of the roofs that he’s looked at for insurance claims purposes, an average adjuster may have missed the damage that he’s pointed out – particularly in hard-to-access areas of the roof.

Other forms of insured damage to a roof

While damage to a roof can take many forms, the ones that can be covered by homeowners insurance are hail, wind and ice. Wind damage is usually immediately apparent after a storm, especially if a tree has fallen on the roof or scraped the roof on its way down or if you spot random roof shingles lying in your yard. Ice damage is usually only something that can be diagnosed in the Spring once snow has melted, and can lift the shingles and flashing. After any winter with a decent snowfall, your roof should be inspected for this lifting to see if it needs repair, and Jack can tell you if the damage is likely to be covered or not. Nearly all forms of damage can be avoided by installing a concrete tile roof, which Jack the Roofer specializes in.

No cash laid out by you except your deductible

Once the claim has been submitted, Jack the Roofer bills the insurance company directly, and the only thing that you pay is your insurance policy deductible. It is a falsely held belief that the insurance company will pay out a certain amount of money for the claim, and the homeowner will get to keep any extra if they hire a cheaper roofer. In fact, the money always goes directly to the roofing company, and the only amount paid out on the claim is the amount it takes to do the job.

Contact Jack the Roofer today to see if your roof damage may qualify for an insurance claim, and get an experienced roofing professional on your side.