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Why Consider a Concrete Tile Roof?

Choosing materials for your new roofing project or renovation can be difficult, especially for those who aren’t aware of the pros and cons of various types of roof materials. There are a variety of factors you’ll want to keep in mind such as durability, availability of options, weather resistance (impact resistance), and cost, among others.… read more

Who do you call first when hail hits your roof?

Most homeowners call the insurance company first, but they really should not. Here is why. Understanding insurance companies If 1000 people pay $10 into the insurance pot and 10 people need to take $1000 out the insurance company makes no money. If the insurance company can pay someone $500 to convince everyone to take only $500… read more

How roof ventilation saves you thousands of dollars

If you have an upstairs bonus room or bedroom that gets uncomfortably hot in summer, consider adding more ventilation to your home’s roof system. Restrictive low flowing attic spaces create pockets of super hot air under your roof deck. You want a balanced, positive, high-flowing ventilation system to vacate superheated air out of your attic… read more