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Questions You Should be Asking Your Roofer

Questions You Should Be Asking Your Roofer

Meeting with your roofer to talk about a proposed or upcoming project can be both an exciting and a daunting experience. This is where you’ll decide on the size and scope of your roofing project, and your roofer will work to help you understand what the required work is going to be, why it’s important, what it’s going to cost you, and try put you at ease by answering any questions that you may have. Don’t freeze up and tell your roofer that you don’t have any questions or that you can’t think of anything at the moment – this is your opportunity to get concrete answers to some extremely important questions.

Roofing projects can cost you a great deal of time and money, so it’s very important that you do it correctly the first time around. It’s crucial that you take advantage of this early stage in the roofing process and ask many questions, especially if you’re having difficult understanding any part of the upcoming project. If you’ve chosen the right roofing contractor, they will work to ease your worries and answer any and all questions you throw at them, helping both parties get more comfortable with each other.

If you’re at a loss for what to ask your roofer, we’ve prepared a list of questions you should make sure to ask your roofing contractor, and reasons why they’re important to ask.

Question: “Are you a licensed roofer?”

Ideal Answer: “We hold a valid license in this state and are in good standing.”

Reason: This is the first and quite possibly the most important question that you’ll be asking through this entire phase of the project. You will only want to work with a contractor who is properly licensed, any other option is too risky. Without the proper licensing, you could be held liable for any injuries that occur to workers on the job, meaning that your roofing project could quickly become much more costly. It’s important to ensure that your contractor does not have violations or penalties on their license, which is another major red flag and a reason to choose a more professional roofer.

Question: “Can you prove that you’re a licensed contractor?”

Ideal Answer: “Here is proof that we are licensed and in good standing.”

Reason: Once your roofer has answered that yes, they are indeed verified, you’ll want to ask them for proof of licensing. Having the proper licensing is unfortunately easy to lie about, so seeing some sort of proof will put you at ease. Seeing proof of licensing will also allow you to verify that it is indeed valid within your state, that it isn’t expired, and that it’s in good standing.


Question: “How long have you been in business for?”

Ideal Answer: “We have been in business for __ years, and our team has __ years of experience in the roofing industry.”

Reason: Experience in business can speak for itself – this isn’t to say that inexperience is necessarily a bad thing, but for a major home improvement project like a roof replacement, more experience is always better. Lack of experience running a business doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a lack of actual roofing experience – it’s important to differentiate here.


Question: “How experienced is your crew?”

Ideal Answer: “Our crew has __ years of combined roofing experience, and are overseen by a supervisor with __ years of experience in the roofing industry.”

Reason: This is where experience will really come in handy – experience is the teacher of all things, and without it you won’t be able to verify that your roofer is cut out for the job. Lack of experience in the actual roofing industry is probably something you’ll want to avoid, especially if you’re having a complete reinstallation done on your home.


Question: “How much experience do you have with projects similar to mine?”

Ideal Answer: “We have performed projects similar to yours and successfully completed them using a number of methods.”

Reason: If you’re looking to undertake a relatively uncommon project or if the layout of your roof is unique in some way, it’s a good idea to ensure that your contractor has dealt with projects of similar scope or that they have run into similar issues in the past and been able to work through them. This will prove that your roofer can think on the fly and the project won’t become stalled due to unforeseen issues with your roof.


Question: Are you bonded?

Ideal Answer: “We have a surety bond that will protect you in the event that the job cannot be completed.”

Reason: Ensuring that your roofing contractor is bonded before the job begins will ensure your safety in the event that your roofer is unable to finish the project or if they suddenly ditch town, leaving you high and dry. A surety bond will ensure that you are protected from monetary loss in the event that this happens, making it extremely important to inquire about.


Question: Will you obtain the necessary permits for the job?

Ideal Answer: “Yes, we will obtain the permits prior to the project start date.”

Reason: Any work on your roof will require that the appropriate building permits be filed – a quality roofing contractor will obtain these permits for you ahead of the project’s start date without any problem. Doing any work without first obtaining proper permits can land you in hot water with the city and net you an easily avoidable fine. If your roofer is unwilling to get these permits, then it may be wise to find a contractor who will.


Question: “What happens if a worker is injured on the job or my home is damaged?”

Ideal Answer: “We have liability and workers compensation to cover any unforeseen circumstances.”

Reason: Your contractor is required to have insurance for their workers in the event that something goes wrong – roofing can be a risky job for both contractors and your home below. In order to ensure that you aren’t held liable for any injuries or damages that occur during the project lifespan, it’s vital that you confirm that your contractor is indeed insured. To be safe, you’ll want to ask about both workers compensation insurance and liability insurance, which will cover any unforeseen roofing disasters.


Question: “Have your employees received proper safety training?”

Ideal Answer: “Our organization takes safety very seriously, and we have properly trained all of our roofers.”

Reason: Roofing can be a dangerous profession, especially when safety precautions are not taken seriously by roofers. This question will help to put you at ease by confirming that the company has invested in safety training for their employees, and that they will be wearing harnesses and taking other important safety precautions while working on your roof.


By knowing exactly what to ask your roofer ahead of time and asking the correct questions when given the opportunity, you can avoid hiring an ill-suited roofing company, or avoid a potentially disastrous situation that stems from your roofer not having the proper licensing, insurances, or permits. Asking the questions above and researching your contractor ahead of time means that you will be far more satisfied with your new roof, and you’ll be protected from being scammed or held responsible for something entirely out of your control.

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