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Wood Shake Roofs Looked Great Once

Wood Shake Roofs: Looked Great Once, Need Replacement in Colorado’s Dry Climate

Wood shake roofs were once one of the most popular roofing options available, adding an aesthetically pleasing touch to any roof through the natural handmade beauty of wooden materials. Unfortunately for Colorado homeowners, wood shakes were not as versatile as their modern concrete tile or asphalt shingle equivalents, making them more susceptible to degrading quickly in the dry Colorado climate.

The vulnerabilities of wood shake roofs

While wood shakes are a classic look that are consistently pleasing to look at, they are not as practical as other roofing material options – especially in the dry Colorado climate. Dry climates cause wood shakes to lose their luster faster than other roofing materials, with dry heat and sunlight exposure leading to a faster loss in chemical treatment of wood shakes – because of this, wood shakes are best suited to climates similar to those found in the Pacific Northwest.

Without attention or maintenance, the loss of treatment will lead to deterioration and rotting in the wood shakes, as well as curling, cracking and distorting of materials. When wood shakes begin to break down, they will begin to fall from the roof during storms and periods of high wind, become unsightly even to an untrained eye, and highly impractical compared to other roofing materials. These vulnerabilities can cause homeowners to regularly require maintenance and replacement of their wood shake roofs, which can prove to be very expensive and time consuming.

Concrete tiles – a premium quality replacement

For homeowners looking to replace their wood shake roof with material featuring an equal aesthetic value but with the ability to withstand the Colorado climate, concrete tiles offer a premium quality alternative. Concrete tile roofing materials have been used around the world for more than 100 years because of their durability and the wide variety of color and style options available to homeowners.

Concrete tiles are built to withstand hail, storms, and high winds, making them perfect roofing material for Colorado homes. Aside from being more durable than wood shakes, concrete roofs are a long term investment that does not require the high level of maintenance that other materials do. This is because concrete tiles are installed individually, making it far easier and more cost effective to replace damaged tiles.

Another effective option for replacing your wood shake roof is high quality asphalt shingles, which are designed and installed to better withstand high winds and the dry Colorado climate. While asphalt shingles do not offer the same aesthetic appeal of concrete tiles, they are superior to wood shakes for handling dry climates, as well as more cost effective to install and maintain.

While wood shake roofs offer a beautiful aesthetic that sets them apart from many other traditional roofing materials, they simply aren’t designed to withstand the dry Colorado climate. Over time, wood shakes will curl and deteriorate, requiring more maintenance, time, and money. Colorado homeowners looking for an effective, equally beautiful replacement that will hold up to dry climates, high winds, and hail storms should consider using concrete tiles on their next roofing project.

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